Liam Payne hits Harry Styles in the balls on the Take Me Home tour - watch

When our nan asks us 'what's so great about these One Direction fellows then?' we struggle to stick to a reply that lasts under ten minutes.

In fact, she fell asleep halfway through our explanation last time - we didn't even get to tell her about why we nicknamed Louis the Sassquatch.

One Direction premiere Take Me Home World Tour at the O2 Arena in Greenwich - PICS

Well Scapers, we no longer have that problem - because next time she asks we'll just show her this video of Liam whacking Harry straight in the nuts while onstage for their Take Me Home Tour.

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It sort of sums up the 'essence' of One Direction, no?

liam payne hits harry styles in balls

Yup, one brilliant audience member managed to catch the glorious moment on film - from Payno's casual microphone flick, to Harreh bending double in pain.

We shouldn't laugh - but we will. Watch for yourselves below.

Naughty Paynis.

Inside One Direction's Take Me Home tour at London's O2 - PICS

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Images: WENN/YouTube

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