Louis Tomlinson unveils new cup of tea tattoo on Instagram

Those One Direction boys are becoming slightly addicted to the old body doodles, aren't they? And after tweeting 'More tattoos soon!' last week, human sketchbook Louis Tomlinson now has a cup of tea etched onto his forearm.

Luigi unveiled his new body art last night on Instagram, and it's a cute cuppa dedicated to his favourite lyric from Little Things.

louis tomlinson tattoo

Yup, the line 'you can't go to bed without a cup of tea' has never been more true, 'cause now The Doncaster Sass Master...er...actually can't.

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Louis' cuppa takes pride of place next to his other doodles, including the word 'Oops!', a crazy skateboarding critter and a paper plane.

louis tomlinson

And this brand new inking brings the lads' total number of tattoos between them to a mahoosive 74 (none of which are on Nialler, bless). We wonder what they're gonna get to mark the big 100? Maybe a tractor? A bowl of mushroom soup, perhaps?

What do you think of Sasquatch's new tatt? Comments please. And in the meantime, let's check out the 1D boys backstage at the BRITs, minus one tattoo.

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