Harry Styles on his first kiss: 'I pretended I'd kissed someone before'

We all remember our first kiss, don't we (ours was an awks encounter at the school disco with the Spice Girls' 2 Become 1 playing in the background)? Well now Harry Styles has been reliving his first game of tonsil tennis...and it sounds like an equally unromantic affair.

Hazza's been chatting to Top Of The Pops magazine about his first smooch, and it seems his technique wasn't just to scream 'AND LET ME KISS YOU' in the lucky lady's face. Oh no. He pretended he was a pro.

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harry styles

Reminiscing about the special moment, Harry said "I was 11 and I was in my house with my best friend and this girl and her friend. We were just watching a film and then we kissed."

Yup, Hazza 'Notebooked' someone before 'Notebooking' was EVEN A THING.

harry styles

And never one to come across inexperienced, he even bloomin' lied about the whole situation. "I think I pretended I'd kissed someone before because it was cooler. Was I any good? Probably!"

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And we don't doubt that for a second, Stylesy.

What do you think? Gutted you weren't Hazza's first lurve? Comments please. After we've watched him discussing his first kiss with *us*, obviously...

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