Not many people can pull off a hoodie with leopard print trousers and leopard print shoes. Justin Bieber is fortunately one of them.

As he pulled back up to his London hotel after playing at the Capital FM Arena in Nottingham, Justin headed over to meet some very cold fans, and was wearing an outfit that we can only describe as safari loungewear chic. We’re not sure it’ll catch on.

Justin Bieber

Justin, from the waist up, looked mega fit in his oversized Billionaire Boys Club sweater with neon pink writing, the hood pulled up, and a tantelising amount of quiff peeping through to say HIYA, LOOK IM SO MUCH HOTTER THAN A 1D QUIFF.

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However, hips down, we have no idea what’s going on. It’s tres Kat Slater. Maybe Biebs is just a massive fan of everyone’s favourite East End soap opera.

Justin Bieber

Posing for the cameras before heading inside, Justin did his classic ‘bent over like a sexy hunchback, confused facial expression with a few gangsta peace signs for good measure’ pose. It works for us.

Whilst Justin sauntered past like his leopard pants just aint no thang, his security guard apparently, and pretty  controversially, beamed a mega bright torch light at paps and fans to keep them at bay. Kind of like rabid dogs. Or maybe to stop them touching the dreamy trousers.

What do you think of Justin’s crazy pants? He’d look better with them off, correct?

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What do you think?