Liam Payne denies he's leaving One Direction: 'It's bullsh*t, I love this band'

Anyone who has ever seen the fatherly way Liam Payne organises his One Direction bandmates will probably have guessed that these mental rumours about him leaving the band were utter rubbish. But it's nice to know for sure and Captain Sensible has now confirmed he isn't going anywhere.

This picture expresses exactly how we feel about this:

Liam Payne denies he's quitting One Direction because of girlfriend Danielle Peazer

We were pretty surprised to hear it even suggested that Liam would consider leaving 1D - especially as all his latest tweets have been using about a million extra vowels to express just how much fun he's been having on tour.

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But nonetheless, some blabbermouth claiming to have an in with the band spoke to the Sunday papers saying that Liam felt torn between his bandmates and his lovely girlfriend, Danielle Peazer.

But luckily (and fairly unsurprisingly) it turns out that this is utter bollocks and Liam is actually happier than Niall Horan swimming naked in a giant bucket of KFC. He's even spoken up to put the rumour mill to rest.

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Tweeting his followers, Liam said: "Thought I'd let you know this latest story is bullshit I love you guys so much I love this band they're my best mates I ain't goin now werrr." [sic]

Liam Payne and Danielle Peazer

Well thank the lord for that one, we're not sure how Harry, Louis, Zayn and Nialler would make it through the Take Me Home tour without someone to brush their hair and read them a bed time story.


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