Justin Bieber does some weird crouching as he leaves a London cinema - PICS

Justin Bieber baffled onlookers last night, when he dropped into a crouch and shuffled away after leaving the VUE cinema in Fulham.

El Biebo had been to watch Django Unchained, which is a story in itself really. Imagine settling down to watch a flick, turning sideways and seeing JB munching on some popcorn. CRAY CRAY.

justin bieber crouching

However, when JB left the cinema things got strange, as he appeared to decide that walking upright wasn't quite swaggy enough. Either that or he'd lost an earring and was trying to locate in on the London streets.

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jsutin bieber crouching 2

OR he's so used to not wearing a shirt that the weight of clothes now leave him unable to walk. LAUGH PLEASE THAT WAS FUNNY.

Ok, we'll stop.

justin bieber leaving cinema

Justin eventually straightened up but didn't look too happy about it - which is unsurprising considering his run in with the paparazzi during his 19th birthday celebrations on Saturday.

If it's any consolation Biebo, we lilke your outfit. Yes, even the leather trousers. Quelle shock.

What do you lot make of all this?

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