EXCLUSIVE: The Janoskians talk top secret world tour plans and their brand new single

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Aussie pranksters the Janoskians are well on their way to taking over the world one fart noise at a time and after getting completely mobbed during their meet and greet in Hyde Park during last week's trip to the UK, we phoned James and Beau over in LA for an early morning chat to find out what else they've got hiding up those fit sleeves of theirs.

If you didn't get a chance to see them in London, you don't need to worry because from the sound of things, they've got a lot going on that ranged from starring in Jay Sean's new music video, to recording their 'dancey' second single to a very exciting sounding world tour that might just see them hitting a city near you...

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The Janoskians to be at District3 meet and greet in London tomorrow

Hey guys, how’s it going?

Beau: Good! We just got back from the gym actually. We’ve actually got, like personal trainers now.

That’s pretty hardcore for first thing in the morning. So lots of pumping iron going on then?

Beau: It’s all this hard circuit stuff to get us sweating.

No zumba like One Direction then?

Beau: Nah none of that! It’s all about the sick abs.

And you’re in LA - what have you guys been getting up to?

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James: We’ve just been taking some meetings, meeting some people. Mainly just being ourselves and having some fun.

You’ve just signed with Jay Sean’s management company, haven’t you?

Beau: Yeah, Jay Sean is amazing. We couldn’t have asked for a better to sign with. He’s not really a mentor but he’s a really good friend and what a lot of people don’t see is that apart from his musical side, he’s got this really cool comedic side.

James: And with Jay, it’s not just about the music, he’s also helping us set up us set up this amazing show together so that we can come and see all our fans in person, so we can bring our YouTube videos to life as that’s what we want to do with our next live show. The music will be a part of what we do, but so will the movies and all the stuff that we do online and he’s helping us bring it all together.

Wait a second, are you saying you’re gonna be pulling pranks on stage on the audience and stuff?

James: Ah, well I guess you’re just gonna have to come see our show to find out, aren’t you?

Fair play. If you guarantee nudity, we are so there.

Beau: [Laughs] We don’t want to give too much away but our show is literally gonna be something that nobody has ever seen before. It’s gonna be crazy. It’s gonna be like the circus all mixed in with a musical side.

The Janoskians on their second single and world tour

Sounds fricking awesome, is this happening soon?

James: All we can say is that it’s on its way.

Beau: And is something you never expected.

James: It’s definitely happening internationally though, apparently in 16 different cities all over the world...

Is it going to be as nuts as your trip to London lat week?

Beau: London was one of the absolute craziest experience we’ve ever had. We couldn’t leave our hotel rooms because the whole street was blocked off. We couldn’t see the road because it was covered with people just waiting. It was insane and when we eventually got to Hyde Park for our meet and greet, we were walking towards all our fans and there was like this stampede with like, a thousand girls going crazy at us. It’s unimaginable, but awesome.

How do you find having girls screaming your name, is it weird or do you love it?

Beau: We try to keep calm, I dunno it’s funny because it went from in high school having no girls liking us to this, having loads of girls liking us. It’s a crazy experience, but yeah, pretty great.

James: Yeah and it’s all thanks to our Australian fans because we always used to be like this little thing, and then they got on Twitter and Facebook to get us known internationally and we really can’t be more thankful for that.

Let’s talk music - when are we going to get to hear more of your vocal stylings?

James: There’s a new single that we’re working on now and we’re also appearing in Jay Sean’s next music video, Where You Are, so there’s a lot coming up on the music side of things.

Beau: Our next single isn’t really going to be a poppy single like the first one, it’s gonna be - how do I explain it?

James: It’s like a record song, it’s not poppy, it’s not chorus and verse and all that, it’s just a song that really resembles us and who we are.

Beau: It’s a lot of fun and it’s like, really dancey. We’re actually recording it tonight...


James: Yeah and it’s been awesome getting to work with Cash Money on it, so it should be awesome. We’re excited for it.

The Janoskians on their second single and world tour


That’s like musical royalty, but you won’t be quitting the pranks for music?

Beau: No way. Our main focus will always be the pranks and our comedic side. Our music sort of set the mood for us with people, but the pranks are always gonna be there.

James: Everyone likes music, no matter who you are, but the main thing that made us who we are is the pranks, so we’re not letting go of that. But we also had the opportunity to do music and we’re not going to take that for granted, we’re gonna do it because we love music too.

Beau: The good thing about us is that our entertainment level isn’t focused on one thing. There’s always something new with us for our fans and that’s what we like!

Sounds like a dream come true to us. Thanks lads!

So what do you think about all this? Excited for new music and the top secret tour?

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Images: The Janoskians / Twitter

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