One Direction fan linked to Harry Styles after Belfast concert gets death threats. Quelle Shock.

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Harry Styles being linked to a female is always guarenteed to generate some drama of the death threat variety, and the latest gal to feel the wrath of batshit crazy Directioners is Shaniece Nesbitt, the fan Harreh took a liking to at One Direction's Belfast concert.

Hazlan is said to have singled Shaniece out from the crowd as they bopped along to Heart Attack, C'mon C'mon and other such musical wonders - allegedly asking security to get her number, before inviting her back to a party at his hotel room.

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Harry Styles 'didn't slee' with One Direction fan whose number he asked for at Belfast gig

Basically, she's living in a real life fan fiction. However, far from being held up as an example that dreams really can come true by her fellow 1D lovers, Shaniece has instead recieved a barrage of death threats on Twitter.

A friend of the 18-year-old who has been dubbed a 'Megan Fox lookalike' told The Sun: "Shaniece has been getting messages saying she deserves to die." 

harry styles from one direction in a taxt in london

Really? REALLY? Somebody track these vile trolls down and set Jeremy Kyle on them or something, purlease. Or at least ban them from all forms of social media until they grow up and realise that you can't just go around telling people you want them to die.

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What do you make about all this drama? Compose your answer while you watch Harreh talking about how you can get him to follow you on Twitter.


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