Ed Sheeran: 'I was bullied for being ginger...but I've blossomed'

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You certainly wouldn't think it to look at him now, but Ed Sheeran's admitted that, like many, he was a victim of bullying when he was a kid. Yup, even though he's now a *massive* worldwide star with the world at his Vans-covered feet, Eddy's been reminiscing about his school days and revealed that they weren't always easy.

ed sheeran

Chatting to Take 40, The Ginger One explained that some pesky scoundrels in the playground used to tease him for loads of ridiculous stuff.

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"I think everyone goes through a bit of bullying at school," he said. "Of course you get picked on for certain things, but I think it ends up being a positive. I was quite a weird kid when I was little, I wore big glasses, had hearing problems, had a stutter and I had ginger hair."

Well, er, we reckon he probably worked the whole geek chic thing, and his hearing problems can't be that bad if he can make such amazing tunes. Oh, and the ginger hair's our FAVE.

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ed sheeran

Ed continued "I am now a successful musician and I have nothing to complain about. So I have come out the other end and blossomed...When I went home and went to the pub and saw the people who used to be d***s at school, it's kind of depressing.

"They not only haven't done anything but they don't know that there is anything out there. They are so stuck in their little world. So I feel sad for them - they are kind of being bullied by life."

EXACTLY. So who's laughing now, nasty school people? While you're sat in the pub, Eddy's touring the world and selling gazillions of albums. Yay.

What do you think? Glad Ed's managed to 'blossom' into a the God of all Gingers and make his haters jealous? Comments please, after we've watched him being really successful and stuff at the BRITs.


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