New Justin Bieber murder plot uncovered - prisoner planned to plant bomb at concert

As if Justin Bieber hasn't been through enough in the past few days, police in the US have now uncovered ANOTHER plot to murder the star, by the same man who planned to castrate him back in 2012. Sheesh. 

The convicted murderer Dana Martin - who was jailed for raping and killing a 15-year-old girl in 2000 - made headlines in December when it was revealed that police had discovered his plans to have Bieber castrated and murdered by his former cellmate, Mark Staake, and a nephew.

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justin bieber murder plot

It seems as though Martin wasn't quite ready to give up on killing Bieber just yet though - because he revealed a second murder plot, after sending a message to TV bosses outlining his plans to plant an explosive device at one of Justin's concerts.

In the note, the prisoner wrote, "I arranged for another hit man. This new hit man will place an explosive device... at a live performance, killing everyone on stage and quite a few in the audience."

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justin bieber murder plot

Unsurprisingly, the letter was immedietly handed over to police, and prison bosses have placed Martin in solitary confinement, as well as removing all his communication privileges. Which is probably what they should have done the first time he planned to kill the Biebs.

Sheesh, this is all quite heavy stuff, isn't it? What do you make of all this?

Police uncover Justin Bieber murder plot

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