Justin Bieber shows off his new moustache - PICS

Forget shoving photographers and singing about fondue because Justin Bieber has done the unthinkable: he's grown a moustache. We're not talking artfully shaped Craig David style facial hair or even a full on Gandalf beard, but a proper bum fluff style tache that is just asking to be touched.

We'll happily volunteer as Tribute, just FYI.

Justin Bieber shows off new moustache he named Rick - PICS

To be honest we'd never seen the Biebs as the beardy type, but apparently that's what he's into these days and he debuted his new friend by posting a pile of selfies on Instagram.

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"Growin out the stash lol," he said. [sic]

This is no LOL-ing matter, El Biebatron, we've got serious bum fluff to talk about. Luckily he's a pretty helpful individual and has even given his furry friend a name, just in case we were having difficulty telling him and it apart. Not that we were, ahem.

Posting another snap, he added: "And Rick my stash."

Justin Bieber shows off new moustache he named Rick - PICS

The tache has had mixed reviews on Instagram, ranging from a short and simple  "Eww," to the more comprehensive, "Hashtag holyshit this is like your best selfie ever can I lick yo' face." [sic]

We're giving it an eight out of 10 for effort. It doesn't make up for the loss of Pac (RIP), but we'd still quite like to stroke it.

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Images: Instagram

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