Louis Tomlinson picks sister up from school as cameras film homecoming for One Direction movie

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Imagine leaving school after a hard day of fractions, bunsen burners and other educationy type things - only to see One Direction's Louis Tomlinson and a film crew waiting by the gates. The stuff of dreams right?

Well actually, this dream turned in to reality for students at Luigi's former primary school in Doncaster on Monday, when he arrived to surprise little sister Pheobe during a break from the boyband's busy schedule - and caused a fangirl frenzy outside the school, obviously.

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Currently oop North for the Sheffield leg of the Take Me Home tour, Louis managed to find some time to visit hometown of Donny - and took a couple of cameras with him to record the whole thing for One Direction's upcoming movie This is Us.

Unsurprisingly, it wasn't just 8-year-old Pheobe who was pleased to see his grinning face waiting outside, and according to eye-witnesses (that sounded a bit serious didn't it?) the quiffy wonder spent the best part of an hour signing autographs and posing for pics with the lucky students. Yes, we're wondering why the HELL our parents didn't send us to school in Doncaster too.

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That's not all either - Louis also swung by to visit his 90-year-old great grandmother, who according to mum Johannah was a 'natural' when it came to being filmed.

"He went with the film crew to Hall Cross and Hayfield School, and he went with them to visit his great-grandmother, Olive Rothery," she told local paper The Star. "She's 90 and she's not been to the cinema for years.

"She was a natural for the cameras and said she'd never been in a movie. She says she'll go and see it when it comes out."


She also shed some light on the picking up from school bonanza, adding: "When he picked up Phoebe she said it was embarrassing because she was in her school uniform. There were about 40 children following them – it looked like the Pied Piper!"

Ah well, that's to be expected. We're pretty sure we'd follow Luigi anywhere. What do you make of all this? Watch this video of Louis sharing a tender moment with Liam Payne while you compsoe yourselves.


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