New shirtless photos of Harry Styles and Niall Horan emerge - we look back at One Direction's best topless moments: GALLERY

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If there was one thing (pun intended) guarenteed to brighten up a Monday morning, it was the brand new topless photos of One Direction's Harry Styles and Niall Horan that emerged on Twitter over the weekend. SOMEBODY HOLD US etc. etc.

The pics - which appear to be screengrabs from some sort of video of joy - show Harreh looking directly down the camera, pointing at you (yes YOU) as he attempts to send us all to an early grave by flashing a whole lot of shoulder and chest.

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harry style shirtless one

Nialler also got in on the shirtless action, and is seen having a casual stroll down a corridor HALF NAKED as if it aint no thang. Au contrare, monsieur Horan, it is a VERY big thang.

If, like us, these cheeky snaps have gone and given you an appetite for all things One Direction shirtless related then never fear - because to celebrate this momentous occasion we've gone and compiled an entire gallery of our favourite 1D topless moments ever. You can thank us once you've finished drooling/fainting/screaming.

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Let's start with Liam 'The Paynis' Payne, who treated us all to this topless snap while on holiday in Florida last year.

Liam Payne and family on holiday in Florida at Disney and Discovery Cove. Liam gets topless - PICS

He also got a little bit naked in One Direction's ITV2 documentary...

...and stunned us all into silence while hobnobbing around a posh boat in Australia.

liam payne topless

Here he is posing with his rod out for us all to admire.

We were also treated to a cheeky glimp of The Paynis chest in a behind the scenes video from The Live While We're Young shoot. Lovely.

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 Nialler sent us all into a tizzy when the first teaser from One Direction's 3D movie was shown on Daybreak. Yes, he's naked in the studio. NAKED IN THE STUDIO.

niall horan topless

The Live While We're Young video was brilliant for a number of reasons. One such reason being that we were allowed a good long perv over the Horan nipples.

one direction


Secrets One Direction revealed in their One Way Or Another comic relief charity single video - WATCH

In fact, we watched the video for One Way or Another 18 times in a row just because we enjoyed Niall's shower scene THAT much.

Secrets One Direction revealed in their One Way Or Another comic relief charity single video - WATCH

Oh, and the bath scene too. Obvs.

Secrets One Direction revealed in their One Way Or Another comic relief charity single video - WATCH

Vintage Nialler. Drop the towel, love. And yer pants.

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 Ah Harreh, those low-hanging pants are threatening to send us over the edge. Anyone got a life-support system to hand?

harry styles topless 1

Hazlan and his four nipples came out to play in the Kiss You video.

harry styles

They were also very much on display in ITV2 2011 documentary. Harry should be forced to leave the house like this every morning, no?

Black and white shirtlessness.

Harry Styles Naked

Tattoo based shirtlessness.

And to finish off, a video of Harry writhing about on bed naked while in the X Factor house. You might want to check that you're sitting down for this one.

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zayn topless 1

You can look at this one and pretend you've just woken up next to this, if you like.

Secrets One Direction revealed in their One Way Or Another comic relief charity single video - WATCH

Zayn looks so fit here, that we'll forgive him for keeping his socks on.


We've never been so attracted to a back.

Zayn Malik

Finally, let yourselves go all 'melty' over this shot of the Bradford Bad Boi in a pair of armbands.

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 Luigi T treated us all to this shirtless snap while on holiday with girlfriend Eleanor Calder.

One Direction's Louis Tomlinson and Eleanor Calder snapped getting close on a recent holiday to France

Oh HELLO. Even Hazlan is checking out Louis and his topless glory here.

louis tomlinson topless

One nipple is better than no nipple.

louis tomlinson topless

Sadly, we've come to the end of our One Direction shirtless journey for now. Did you enjoy it - or was it all it a bit much? Yeah, we'll be useless for the rest of the day now too.

Slightly creepy: It's the One Direction sleeping gallery

The intense tour faces of One Direction's Louis Tomlinson

Images: Getty/Twitter/Rex Features/WENN/YouTube

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