Louis Tomlinson's girlfriend Eleanor Calder posts photo of his new 'The Rogue' tattoo on Instagram - Pics

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STOP. EVERYTHING. The beans on toast can wait, the soaps aren't even real. There are actual serious things happening in the world that we need to bring to your attention - like Louis Tomlinson getting ANOTHER brand new tattoo. Or tattoos, if you wanna be picky about it. Yup, Luigi's added another inking to the One Direction Tattoo Club...and it's either a tribute to his old band from back in the day or he has an alter ego he's been keeping under quiff and key.

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Just weeks after getting a cup of tea doodled onto his perfectly-formed forearm, it's now time to introduce ourselves to...*drumroll* THE ROGUE.


Louis' girlfriend Eleanor Calder posted this very serious black and white pic on Instagram, and it 1) provides an answer as to why Louis never wears socks 2) features some nice kitchen lino and 3) SHOWS OFF HIS NEW TATT TO PERFECTION.

louis tomlinson

And it seems Luigi is desperate to shake off his notoriously sassy image, 'cause he's now officially THE ROGUE. We kinda prefer this theory to the one about his old pre-1D boyband days. Let's examine this in closer detail. First up, we present to you Exhibit A...

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louis rogue


And Exhibit B...

louis tomlinson rogue


GAH, this throws everything we thought we knew into disarray. It's not even doodled in a rather childlike manner. We don't know who he is anymore etc. etc. As you can imagine, though, everyone on Twitter's loving it and embracing his nostalgia trip/new-found persona. It's very Beyonce does Sasha Firece, don'tchathink?

What do you think? Is Louis now basically the manliest man alive? Is he Rocky? Comments after this vid pre-tattoo, please.



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