Niall Horan's brother Greg tells him he's going to be an uncle. Hearts melt worldwide.

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Yesterday was a truly momentous day in One Direction World (not actual 1D World in Leeds, although that was probably quite chaotic and stuff). Not only was Niall Horan doing the Best Man honours at big brother Greg Horan's wedding and donning a suit for the occasion, but he also found out he's gonna become an uncle. Aww.

Yep, whilst he was being really fit and big-haired, Niall's big bro Greg dropped the bombshell that his new wife Denise is gonna be a mamma. And you know what this means...UNCLE NIALLER'S IN THE HOUSE.

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niall horan

Chatting rather briefly to The Sun (there was the small matter of the whole getting married thing going on, to be fair), Greg gushed "It’s Niall’s first niece or nephew so he’s delighted". And we bet Nialler was gleaming so much at the news his brace nearly popped off a few days early.

niall horan

And it seems the whole day was rather bloody eventful, with The Sun reporting that Niall rocked up to the ceremony in his Range Rover 'singing The Day I Crashed The Wedding'. We hope they mean the Busted CLASSIC Crashed The Wedding, 'cause that'd just be too amazing. And apparently a few fans snuck into said Range Rover, with one screaming "I'll never wash this arse again." Hygienic.

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What do you make of the news? Excited for Uncle Nialler? Ooh, maybe Luigi T will be appointed Godmother Godfather? Comments after this vid, please.


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