Ed Sheeran gets tattoos so he's not mistaken for Prince Harry when 'seen naked'

Ed Sheeran has been having a chat about the numerous tattoos that cover his fit body, talking about the inspiration behind his many permanent inkings.

However, while you may think there's some deep and meaningful reasoning going on behind each tatt, actually - there's a much more simple reason for the etchings.

ed sheeran and prince harry look the same

According to Ed, it's so he nobody mistakes him for his royal doppelganger, Prince Harry.

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Eddie Spagheddi - who is often mistaken for the Prince despite the fact the only real similarity between them is red hair (COME ON PEOPLE, LOOK AT FACES) - jokes that his inkings are a way of telling him apart from Harry, particularly in the aftermath of photo-gate, which saw a naked pic of the Prince make its way into the tabloids.

"This is why I got so many tattoos," he told The Daily Star. "So when he is seen naked again, people know it's definitely not me."

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He added: "I bumped into Harry and took a picture on my phone with him and he said: 'This better not end up in any papers mate'."

OH BUT ED, we'd really quite like to see that photo. We'd say 'gizzus a peek' but we don't want to get you beheaded for treason or something. What do you lot make of Ed's comments?

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