The Janoskians' Luke Brooks gets a hair cut and looks even fitter - pics

Remember that time Union J's George Shelley tweeted that he'd had a hair cut, we all got really excited and then it was exactly the same?

Well this is a bit like that, except that when Janoskian Luke Brooks took to Twitter to let his followers know that he's had a chop in the hair department, he'd actually gone for a bit of a change in style.

luke brooks hair 1

Look here's the before, all tousled and bouffant and lovely.

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luke brooks

And here's the after. See, it's... shorter and stuff. OK YES this is a thinly disguised excuse to perv over a fit male, so sue us. It's not like you weren't doing exactly the same thing.

"Ohk guys yes I did get a haircut lol I hate haircuts -.-" tweeted Luke along with the pic. WE LIKE IT. However, we've also decided to use our mad sick photoshop skills to have a little look at what else he could have gone for.

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luke brooks hair

Perhaps neon blue, a al Cher Lloyd?

luke brooks hair

Or maybe an edgy crop inspired by Miley Cyrus?

Then again, he could embrace the dip dye and opt for bright pink like Perrie Edwards.

Or maybe Luke should simply channel the ginger genius and go for something like this. What do you think? And are you loving the new short back'n'sides?

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