Even more of Harry Styles' best naked moments

So what if he likes to let the breeze circulate around his nether regions?

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There was some pretty great news for the world this week: when he was younger, One Direction's Harry Styles got naked and rubbed his knob all over a car window. Even better, his friend decided to tell the papers all about it - SCORE.

"We went to one of my mate's 18th birthdays and he came home especially for it," pal Nick told the Mirror. "One of the mums came round and he thought it would be funny to get his kn*b out and put it against her car window. No one's offended by it, people are just like, 'Oh Harry'."

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As if that wasn't enough to have rainbows and singing choirs of cherubs bursting from your ears, this got us thinking that really this calls for a celebration. A celebration of Harry being NAKED.

So whether it's vintage vids of him skinny dipping with selected members of 1D (no two guesses who) or just Harold getting his wang out for Ed Sheeran's enjoyment, we've tracked down a lovely bunch of bits and pieces to help pay tribute to our favourite long-haired lothario's, erm, Little Things.

More From One Direction news
20 articles
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We all know Harry's packing heat down there - mainly thanks to Ed Sheeran who had an encounter with his pal's knob on the 1D tourbus after cadging a lift home with them.

"I turned around and Harry was stripped off and completely naked, just sitting there laughing," El Sheero told Australia's 2Day FM. "Literally, I was looking out of the window, watching cars go past. I turn around, all the boys are kind of shocked, and there's just him laughing, completely naked."

"He's packing heat, yeah," he added. "He's packing heat.

That's what makes you beautiful Curly Chops..

Ever wondered why it's quite unusual to see Harreh do a Twitcam? BECAUSE HE'S NAKED.

Liam was having a good old look there, wasn't he? Not that we blame him in the slightest.

Unfortunately being liberated in a clothes-free manner doesn't always end well as Louis explained to The Mirror saying: "Harry likes to be naked all the time. He got a hefty fine in Sweden for walking around butt naked."

"I did yeah," Harold, King of the Bare Arse added. "And then in Amsterdam, we hired these little boats and I got told to get out by the owners because I didn't have any clothes on."

Meh, he can afford it and let's be honest, a fine for Harry related nudity is most definitely worth it.

What does Harry do to limber up for interviews? Oh you know, just runs around with his cock out and rubs it on the furniture.

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We've all been there. Erm...make sure you wipe the seat next time. We love you, but we draw the line at sweaty bum chairs.

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If you've ever wondered what happens on the 1D tour bus, we'd hazard a guess it involves Harry breezing about with nothing but his birthday suit for show.

Considering the bus rules, Harry told Teen Now: "Clean up after yourself, naked at all times, get up at 9.30 every day - maybe 10, and only one glass of mil before bed."


And what's Harry's dream? To ride a horse naked on a beach.

Don't worry Harry, it's our dream for you to do that too.

P.S.We love how the sentiment in this vid has gone right out the window. Those boys are always getting their nips out.

We all know Harry likes to flow free and wild, so why shouldn't that extend to when he's being filmed for documentaries about 1D? WHY INDEED.

You're more welcome to swim in our pool any day Harry.

Not even shark-infested waters can stop him...

WHAT A HERO. We salute you for sticking up for fit nudist members of One Direction everywhere.

We can understand why he likes getting naked so often though, it must be really hard trying to jam all five of his testicles into a single pair of boxers.

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Chatting about Harry's four nipples to Jay-Jay, Mike and Dom over in New Zealand, Louis added: "And he has four testicles."

"Five testicles," Harry corrected, clearly slightly concerned about Louis' ability to count. "It's like one of those things when one knocks into another...a Newton's Cradle."


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We might be slightly using our mind powers (ie. our filthy imaginations) but we'd like to think that if ever there is a time he can be naked, it's in bed. Just look at how many layers Zayn is wearing to avoid being rubbed on like that car window...


If we're taling casual nudity, we could hardly fail to mention the time Harry played penis origami using Louis' face now could we?

"Harry likes to pull his trousers down," Louis told Celebs On Sunday. "You do Harry, you're always getting your bum out. I've been asleep before and Harry has hit me round the head with his penis.

"It actually wrapped around my whole face. Who wouldn't be envious of that?"

Good point.

Yes this is a vintage one, but it just illustrates that this exhibitionism is a problem Harry has been dealing with for some time.


So which is your fave naked moment then?

Tweets please...

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