Eddie Redmayne and his jawline look mega gorgeous arriving at LAX: PICS

We were wondering why Eddie Redmayne wasn’t returning our calls anymore...Honestly Ed, we thought you’d at least give us a text to let us know things were over between us, but no, we had to find out through Perez flippin’ Hilton that you’ve got a new girlfriend. RUDE.

Ed is rumoured to be dating his publicist, Hannah Bagshawe (not Bathilda Bagshot), and were spotted leaving a charity party for teenage cancer victims together looking super smoochy and adorable. We’re only 99.4% jealous.

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Eddie Redmayne

To make us feel better though and to help get over the heartbreak slightly, some quite frankly droolworthy snaps of him making his way through LAX have appeared on our computer screens. So that makes it a little bit better. He can les our miserables any day of the week.

We’re mostly enjoying his laid back dress sense, the cool and casual sunglasses slung over his t-shirt, his vintage suitcase. Oh and his LICKABLE FACE. We bet it tastes like strawberry laces and unicorns.

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Eddie Redmayne

As well as his jawline which could probably slice our cheese for us it’s that sharp, we’re also really enjoying his veiny hands. Is that weird? SOZ we really don't care. Does anyone else share this strange love for veiny boney hands? Please tell us we're not alone.

Eddie Redmaybe

Okay, we're just gonna leave these here for you to print off and stick on your mirror so you can practice your sexy faces at it.

On a scale of 1-10 how much are you in love with Eddie Redmayne?

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