Harry Styles' old football coach reveals 'he was really good with the girls...even at six'

When the One Direction boys had a cheeky training session (and took their tops off) with the Newcastle United football team last week, you'd have been forgiven for thinking that Harry Styles' ball skills were second to none. But apparently Harold's always had more luck off the pitch than he has on it - wooing the ladies with his flirty ways rather than his footie skills. Even at SIX YEARS OLD.

Yup, we all know Hazlan's a pretty big hit with the female species...but it seems this isn't a new thing in a Gary Barlow 'when the frick did that happen?' kinda way. It's in his DNA D-D-D-DNA.

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Harry Styles

Harreh's old coach Chris Rodgers - who showed him the ropes during his days of having a kickabout for Cheshire's Holmes Chapel Hurricaines - has been chatting to The Sun, saying "He wasn't the greatest footballer but he was really good with the girls. Even at six, Harry was a charmer." Oh, we can believe it, C-Rodge.

harry styles

And Chris continued dishing the dirt on Harold's wicked ways, adding "He was timid and not the most physical on the pitch. Even at that stage I think he was protecting his looks. But he’d play anywhere to get a game. He scored a few nice goals from what I remember.

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“He’d always have a quip and a smile with the guys – and with all the mums watching on the sidelines."

Well we didn't think we'd ever see the words 'timid' and 'Harry Styles' in the same sentence (except that bit where he cried in the A Year In The Making documentary *sadface*), but the mums on sidelines bit we can *totally* see. Seems Harold's always been a bit of a cougar chaser, eh?

What do you reckon? Has Harry always been one MASSIVE RAGING HORMONE waiting to explode? Comments please.

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