It only takes a quick search of the term 'One Direction' to discover that some fans of the biggest boyband in pop are more talented than us in the photoshop area. WE KNOW, WE KNOW - you didn't think that was possible.

These photo-editing whizzes have created all sorts of mocked up pics of the 1D boys that are just waiting to fool unsuspecting fellow fans - and a lot of them have one thing in common. Nakedness.

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Yes, it would seem that a certain number of 1D supporters like nothing better than to create photos of the boys completely and utterly starkers - something Niall Horan found out yesterday when he was forced to deny that a rather revealing pic was actually him.

A photo surfaced on the interweb, and sent some fans into a frenzy of delight, thinking they'd finally caught a glimpse of Niall's Horans.

One of Nialler's followers wrote: "OH MY GOD bbz you are so gorgeous, now post one from the front bbz," while another simply went for: "@Niall_Horan F*** ME I WANT TO HAVE SEX WITH YOUR ARMS".

We're not even sure how that would work. However, crushing disappointment awaited, because Nialler caught wind of the photo that was doing the rounds, and sent out a little tweet to confirm that actually, that's not his naked body you're staring at.

"That's not me by the way in that pic. I'd be happy with biceps like that though to be fair!" he wrote.

Oh Horan, your biceps are just perfect the way they are - a girl even wants to have sex with them, remember? What do you lot think about all this, were you taken in by the hoax photo? Let's enjoy Niall and Peter Dickson becoming the same person while we absorb all this.

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