Harry Styles spotted picking up Rod Stewart's daughter Ruby after dinner at an LA restaurant? - Pics and videos

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When One Direction's Harry Styles was spotted touching down at LAX Airport earlier this week, the world went into a FRENZY over why he was there and who the bloody hell he was seeing. And whilst Zayn Malik and Perrie Edwards are being all romantic in Paris, everyone obviously assumes our Harold's got a secret gal pal in ze United States of America. But is there any truth behind it all? Ooh.

Well last night Hazlan was spotted dining with old crooner and serial ladies man Rod Stewart and his wife Penny Lancaster at Dan Tana's restaurant in Hollywood...before leaving with the family. And - according to reports - Rod's 25-year-old daughter Ruby Stewart. Cue the rumour mill going into overdrive.

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Harry Styles Ruby Stewart girlfriend

Harry was pictured (and actually filmed, as is the modern way) getting into a swanky Rolls Royce as he left the restaurant with the Stewarts, and you can witness the whole debacle below. Also, listen out for one particular Directioner getting slightly overexcited regarding Hazza's choice of beverage (it's at 1 minute 5 secs, by the way).

"HARRY'S DRINKING WATER" is now our new fave catchphrase of 2013, and we're gonna use it in real life wherever possible, replacing Hazza's name with whichever water-drinker we're with.

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Anyway, back to the matter at hand. Not only was Harry spotted at the restuarant with the Stewart fam (quite possibly including Ruby), but he also apparently picked her up in West Hollywood in his shiny little Mercedes Benz. Oh. my. GAHD.

Harry Styles Ruby Stewart

In the exclusive PopCandies vid, Harry's seen driving off in his cute little car (alone) before returning WITH A MYSTERY BLONDE WHO THEY'RE REPORTING IS RUBY STEWART. We're gonna start calling her R-Stew, which is kind of like a weird R-Pattz/K-Stew hybrid. Check out the vid below.

Well, well, well.

And to add to this very confusing, multi-faceted story, the Twittersphere's gone into meltdown over a possible Harry/Ruby relationship. Self-confessed 'Stalker Sarah' @SarahMOnline even tweeted Harry saying "@Harry_Styles lovely meeting your girl tonight. She was so sweet and beautiful! You look great together!". AGH.

What do you reckon? Are people being a bit hasty or is Ruby actually Hazza's 'girl'? Ooh, what would Taylor Swift say? Comments after this vid, please.



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