Harry Styles gets new 'Little Things' tattoo? Hmmmm.

News of One Direction's latest inkings continue to set the interweb alight, and this week has been no different, after Twitter was sent in to a frenzy of speculation over a photo supposedly showing Harry Styles' newest addition to his tattoo family.

The ever-growing family, we should say - because if this tatt is in fact Harreh's it'll be joining the 30 odd etchings that he already has in various places on his (fit) body. In fact, Harry's tatts are the ink based form of that documentary '16 kids and counting'.

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harry styles

A photo showing a script based tattoo that reads 'Little Things' was posted on instagram by 'Paulnguyenart', along with the caption: "Finishing off the night w some little things.".

Given that Paul works art Mark Maloney's Shamrock Social Club - Harry's favourite tattoo parlour in Los Angeles - and given that Hazlan has in fact been in LA for the past few days, many jumped to the conclusion that the skin in question is owned by the curly haired lovebot.

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harry styles

If it is, Harold will have followed the lead of bandmate Louis Tomlinson, who also got a permanent tribute to One Direction's famous song, by getting a teacup etched on his forearm.

Interesting. Of course, if the photo does show Harry's latest inking, there's one thing we want to know. Which body part are we staring at here? PLEASE SAY IT'S HIS BUM.

What do you think, reckon Hazlan is telling the world about his Little Things (heh) or is it just a 1D fan?

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