One Direction get cheesy and pose with biscuits in Nabisco photoshoot - pics

Last month One Direction appeared in a behind-the-scenes video from their photoshoot with Nabisco, the sponsors of the North American leg of their mammoth Take Me Home tour. You remember, the one where Harry Styles tried to claim that he invented cheese and biscuits, then licked a box seductively.

ANYWAY, now the results of the shoot have made their way on to the interweb in a series of (slightly cringey) photos, showing the boys standing about holding various snacks. There's Louis chilling out with a box of oreos (nice pointing Zayn)...

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nabisco photoshoot

Harry getting posey with some Ritz crackers (nice pointing Zayn)...

nabisco photoshoot

And all the lads pulling some hilarious poses, including Luigi doing a fake 'punch' (hello bicep) and Zayn doing EVEN MORE POINTING.

nabisco photoshoot

Anyone else slightly concerned as to why Hazlan appears to be missing a sizeable chunk of his curly locks? It's freaking us the FRICK out. In fact, we're not even sure it is Harry. Maybe he was too busy inventing After Eight mints or something, so they roped in his lookalike Jacob Skelton.

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jacob skelton harry styles

Nabisco are not only sponsoring 1D's North American tour, they're also giving one lucky fan the chance to hit the road with the boys, as the "Nabisco Tour 1D VIP Correspondent" which as well as being AWESOME, would probably also involve a lot of free biscuits. Mmm.

What do you think of the new snaps, loving them?

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