Harry Styles 'almost lost a hand' after being crushed by mob of fans in Paris - video

Harry Styles, like the rest of One Direction, is used to mobs of screaming girls following him wherever he goes - but things took a turn for the dangerous yesterday when he was nearly crushed by a crowd of fans outside his Parisian hotel.

The location of the curly-haired lovebot was somehow discovered by the FBI style tactics that all Directioners seem to posess (seriously, we're breeding a nation of top class spies) and hundreds of fans gathered around the entrance of his hotel waiting to catch just a glimpse of those famous nostrils.

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harry styles crushed

When he did appear, however, things got more than a little cray cray, when the crowd surged forward as he tried to make his way from the door to his waiting car, snatching his beanie hat from his head. COME ON GUYS, NOT THE BEANIE - ANYTHING BUT THE BEANIE.

A video of the resulting crush was caught on camera by a member of the French paparrazzi, and it makes for pretty terrifying viewing - as Hazlan almost disappears under the mob of teenage girls, reportedly hurting his arm in the frenzy.

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harry styles

The pap claims that things were made worse by the fact that Harry didn't have a full security team with him, saying: “No security was there ! Therefore, a photographer, a cook from the hotel, the chauffeur had to help out in order for poor little Harry to make it to his car. He lost his hat, almost lost a hand to finally get in the car."

This was in contrast to earlier in the day, when Harry was said to have been flanked by a dozen 'gun-toting' bodyguards as he arrived in the French capital.

Watch the video below to see Harry battle to get to his car, and try not to wince too much. Reckon he should have had more security with him?

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