One Direction's Take Me Home tour is officially in Europe, with the boys playing their first gig in the French capital of Paris last night to much 'ooh la la'-ing and 'oui oui oui'-ing we imagine.

However, before they went and got thrusty on stage for thousands of screaming Parisian gals, the boys enjoyed a few minutes of downtime - which for Louis Tomlinson and Niall Horan meant football. Of course.

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niall horan louis football

One wiley fan managed to capture the whole thing on camera, and after some pretty shaky footage featuring a large crowd, a woman in mickey mouse ears and the exhaust pipe of a coach, we finally get to the football part of thing - which starts with Nialler jerking around like he's doing some sort of robotic dance and playing with an imaginary ball for AGES.

Oh, love - what happened to the real thing? Did you eat it? Louis Tomlinson eventually emerges flashing his new bicep tattoo in a delightful little vest, and brings an actual ball with him - which the pair proceed to kick around for quite a while (is it blasphemy to say we got a bit bored?).

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Saying that, things got a lot better when the boys started using their heads instead of feet. Watch the video below and see for yourselves.

What do you reckon - love seeing Nialler and Luigi T in action, or reminded of that time your brother made you watch while he attempted to beat his own record of 25 'keepy-uppies'?

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What do you think?