Zayn Malik reveals One Direction 'all have a sensitive side'

He's known as the Bradford Bad Boi, but Zayn Malik has revealed that he's actually a fairly sensitive soul - as are his One Direction bandmates. Aww.

Yup, despite the lad antics we've seen so much of on tour - ball whacking, playing football and drawing knobs on t-shirts included - Zayn admitted that 1D do have a softer side.

zayn malik delets his twitter

Asked who the most sensitive member of the band is, he told Top of the Pops magazine: "I think we all have a sensitive side. I wouldn't know who's the most sensitive because none of us is really overly sensitive. I think we just all have that side.”

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Ahh, we can just imagine the boys cuddled up on the sofa having a little cry over that last scene in The Notebook - Louis having to be calmed down after becoming almost hysterical.

Zayn also gave a sneak peek in to life behind the scenes of the Take Me Home tour, revealing that when not on stage, the boys just like to do 'normal' stuff, like having a good old chinwag together.

“We literally talk so much rubbish. We just talk, talk, talk, talk, talk,” he said. “We play games in the car too, like Playstation. We just do normal stuff like listen to music, watch movies and chill out. Depends on the mood we're in.”

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Sensitive mood = The Notebook though, right Zayn? Please don't take that mental image away from us.

Finally, Zayn made the most obvious statement of all time, by telling the mag that Niall Horan likes food. Oh really? We didn't know. *cough*

"He just eats and eats and eats and eats!" he said. “It's a little bit annoying! The rest of us have to watch what we eat, but Niall can just eat anything and be fine.”

What do you make of all this - want to watch Ryan Gosling snog Rachel McAdams in the rain with One Direction? Yeah, us too.

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