One Direction drummer Josh Devine talks Haylor with YouTuber Caspar Lee - WATCH

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Yes, One Direction are amazingly gorgeously wonderful and YES, we spend a good 88% of our day daydreaming about them lying naked on our kitchen table. We established this a while ago, so we think it’s time we talked DRUMMERS. Namely the pretty dreamy 1D drummer, Josh Devine.

Just in case Devine's divineness isn't enough to make you go weak at the knees, lets chuck large-haired YouTuber Caspar Lee, with his smouldering sexual camera stares and intriguing South African accent into the mix. Sorry, this article should probably have come with a health warning.

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Caspar Lee Josh Devine

*heavy breathing*

So it turns out that these two really hot guys who we’d gladly indulge in a couple of sloppy snogs with, are actually good friends (OH LIFE), and they’ve both taken to Caspar’s YouTube channel for an exclusive interview to talk all things 1D and casually show off their biceps.


Caspar Lee Josh Devine

Jaspar join each other in a hotel room (it’s not as seedy as it sounds, you perves) seeing as Joshy boy is on tour for the rest of the year with One Dee, and he reveals he’s been drumming for a massive 18 years.

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We’ve probably got a little bit of practice to go then before we’re allowed to join the 1D band as the resident ukelele player.

Caspar Lee Josh Devine

The main thing we’ve learnt from this interview is that Caspar is actually a massive secret fangirl who grunts and squeals when he thinks about One Direction. So that’s kind of adorable and strangely attractive. It must be the accent.

We snorted with laughter when Caspar put his foot in it by bursting into a rendition of We Are Never Getting Back Together, which just so happens to be the song of one of Josh’s friends ex-girlfriends. We won’t mention any names here because that relationship was VERY SECRET, DEFINITELY NOT A PUBLICITY STUNT, AND ONE KNOWS ABOUT IT.

Caspar Lee Josh Devine

Finally, Josh reveals that his favourite member of One Direction is.... NIALL. A strong choice. He’s always available for midnight feasts, we hear. However Josh does say it’s a super hard decision to make as they all have different qualities and you can easily relax with any of them.

Whilst we consider them to be direct descendants from the Gods, he also reminds us that they are actually just five normal guys. *wipes away single emotional tear*

Anyway, thanks for bringing such joy to our lives, Caspar Lee, and reminding us that there are guys in the world other than One Direction to swoon over. Yes Josh is part of their band, but baby steps, people. Baby steps. You can watch the interview HERE:

You should probably leave us a comment and let us know whether you fancy Josh or Caspar more, or whether you'd rather just wake up to find both of them licking strawberry jelly off each other. *shrugs*

A dedication to Josh Devine's divineness

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