Justin Bieber looks like he's wearing woolly tights. Ha ha.

Amongst all the serious happenings in the world at the moment (nice dresses at Cannes, One Direction announcing tours etc), it's important to have a bit of time to consider the purely silly and fancy-free happenings that are often overshadowed by 'real news' - like these pictures of Justin Bieber, that look like he's wearing tights underneath his shorts.


justin bieber tights

Obviously they are not, in fact, tights, and The Biebs is just being funky-fresh and wearing his socks pulled up TO THE MAX. You know, to keep his look gangsta. Straight up. Word. What?

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El Biebo was snapped making a pit-stop at a convenience shop in LA before heading to Smash Box Studios - which we'll assume means he's recording new music.

justin bieber hoody

As well as a penchant for ladies' hoisery, Justin showed off an array of tattoos on his forearm, which may or may not have been doodled on by his younger siblings while he was asleep in the car.

Ahem. They look great love.

justin bieber arm tattoos

Um, so that's it really, we just wanted to have a laugh and we did so at Justin Bieber's expense. WE'RE HORRIBLE PEOPLE. WE KNOW.

What do you think of his woolly look?


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