Liam Payne on being pen pals with the Tooth Fairy: 'She used to write me back'

Liam Payne might be Daddy Directioner but that doesn't mean he doesn't have his airy fairy moments - especially when it comes to make believe. Sadly we don't mean he secretly likes re-enacting any 1D fan fiction or anything quite that sordid, but he has admitted that when he was younger, he was a close personal friend of the tooth fairy.

Liam Payne on being pen pals with the tooth fairy

When we imagine a pen pal, it usually involves thoughts of a nice French exchange or maybe even a Sideshow Bob type prisoner if you're a bit more daring, but frankly we never realised the tooth fairy was into swapping letters with her clients.

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Presumably rounding up teeth all day must get a bit boring and having longed for someone who is familiar with the dental hygeine approved method of appropriately cleaning your teeth, she appears to have picked Liam out as a pen pal. It wasn't just the odd Christmas card they swapped either and it sounds like they shared their extremely sensible hopes and dreams in the good old days.

Talking to Top of the Pops about the moment he realised he might not have befriended a magical creature after all, Liam said: "We used to write little notes to the tooth fairy and mum, bless her, used to write back.

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"I think I always knew it was my mum though - I saw her doing it once and was like, 'What are you doing?'"

Liam Payne on being pen pals with the tooth fairy

Oh, so you were pen pals with your mum then? Well that's couldn't be more adorable if you stripped him naked and rolled him in fair dust.

FOUR FOR YOU CAPTAIN SENSIBLE. And your awesome mum.

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