The Wanted looking hot at The Wanted Life E! premiere in California - Pics

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The Brits are doing big things across the pond at the moment, aren't they? Little Mix have stormed the download chart with their debut album (yay), the One Direction boys are massive (obviously) and now The Wanted have their very own E! reality telly show.

And guess what? The lads turned up to the premiere of the show in California to sing a few songs and stand about looking ridiculously fit. Minus poor Nathan Sykes, who's *still* recovering from his throat surgery last month. Sniff, sob etc.

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The Wanted

In typical #TOPLAD style, the fellas mucked about on the red carpet for a bit - with Jay whipping out his best Ginger Spice impression and Tom looking like he's just been on the receiving end of another sassy Louis Tomlinson tweet.

And we're not entirely sure what's going on here, but we do know that Jay looks WELL CUTE and Siva resembles one of those 1D waxworks we went and had a poke look at not so long ago.

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The Wanted

After they'd done the whole posey thing for a bit, the boys took to the stage in what looks suspiciously like our high school hall for a singalong. Not the most glam of surroundings, but they look fit so WHATEVUH.

The Wanted

What do you reckon? Loving Siva's navy blue sailer jacket-y thing? Missing poor Nathy Pie? Comments after this vid, please. Oh - and you can get your tickets to see the lads at Capital's Summertime Ball here. Yay.


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