The Wanted's Max George: 'One Direction did a runner'

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Just when you thought all that bad blood between The Wanted and One Direction had naturally faded away into the background and we could move on to thinking about more important things, like what a giant jelly model of them all holding hands would look like, Max George opens his mouth and reveals something we're not sure his 'rivals' are going to be all that impressed with. Mainly as Max reckons that when he challenged the lads to sort things out face to face, 1D did a runner.

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This whole thing between the bands has been going on for what feels like our entire lives and after loads of Twitter based banter and insults involving STIs, Max reckons that he and The Wanted lads did try and sort things out in person. We're not sure he means that he asked them all to sit on the floor holding hands while taking it in turns to share their hopes, dreams and hair styling advice though, and apparently it was intended to be slightly more fisticuff based.

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According to Max, all ten lads actually had a near miss back when they were all in New York, but he reckons it was 1D who made a quick getaway to avoid the situation turning to some slaps in the car park.

"That's the 100% honest truth," he told Fabulous magazine. "They got the car pulled up to the back of the stage and got straight in."

Fighting talk there, but it slightly differs to what the Bradford Bad Boy and the Sasquatch have had to say about things recently and speaking to The Metro only a couple of weeks Zayn said: "I already offered Max. I asked him if he wants to fight. I've already said to him I'll fight him and he didn't want to."

"It is such b*llocks because they will not live up to their world," Louis added, presumably with a flick of the fringe while picking stray sunflower seeds out of his Sasquatch coat of fur.

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Either way we're pretty glad that no fighting happened, can you imagine if one of their pretty, pretty faces had been damaged? THE HORROR.

It's like the Luigi T bum insurance policy all over again.

What do you make of all this - are you totally bored out of your brain about the whole thing or reckon they just need to sit down and sort it like grown ups once and for all?

Probably good they didn't have a fight anyway as Max isn't convinced The Wanted would win anyway...

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