Harry Styles grabs Zayn Malik's crotch at One Direction's fan meet and greet in Atlanta - Pics

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Five words: Harry Styles, Zayn Malik, crotches. They go together like the Sugarscape team and a packet of chocolate HobNobs, don't they? Just last week the Zarry-o-Meter was set to XXXtreme when the Bradford Bad Boi had a nibble on Hazlan's edible candy thong in Ohio - and now we're getting even more feels from One Direction's Take Me Home tour meet and greet in Atlanta.

The boys have posed backstage with gazillions of fans so far this tour...and our Harreh just couldn't resist a cheeky pinch of Zayn's little things ON CAMERA.

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Harry Styles Zayn Malik One Direction

Now we all know how familiar the boys are with their nether regions (they probably all got 100 percent in that 'guess the crotch' game thing we did), but we reckon Hazbot might have misunderstood the concept of a meet and greet session. It ain't a meat and greet, babes. Not that we're complaining *turns on desk fan to cool down*.

Zayn Malik Harry Styles One Direction

And it doesn't seem Zayn was too disturbed by Harry's antics as he held the boy's hand firmly in place. GAH, what would Perrie Edwards say? Ah well, it's not like this is the first time such activity's ever occured in 1D world...

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What d'ya reckon? If you can muster up anything to say a little comment after the vid below would be much appreciated. Cheers.


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