The Hunger Games' Josh Hutcherson's nude photo leaks online?

Gosh, Hutcherson!

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Ah, those celeb types. It seems every Tom, Dick (ahem) and Harry gets caught in some form of controversy on the fickle ferris wheel of fame. It kinda comes with the territory. And there there's no celeb scandal more juicy than the nude selfie, is there? Geordie Shore's Gaz Beale's been there, Dappy off of N-Dubz has given it a go...gah, even ruddy Vanessa Hudgens of former Disney innocence fame's been at it. And guess what? The Hunger Games hottie Josh Hutcherson could be the latest victim of the sexy leaked snap.

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Yup - Catching Fire is literally just around the corner, and we couldn't actually be more excited. Unless we were J-Hutch, of course, who looks pretty frickin' excited to say the least in what's rumoured to be a picture of him with his willy out for the world to see.

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Image: Twitter

Taking a leaf out of ex-girlfriend Vanessa Hudgens' book, Josh supposedly posed online as a chap named 'Connor' back in 2010/11, sending photos and actual well kinky videos of him 'pleasuring himself' to girls on a dating site. WELL FANCY THAT.

Now there's no actual confirmation as yet as to whether said man part actually belongs to Hutchy Boi, but literally everyone ever's going on about *that* hip tattoo and saying that it basically has to be him. Or maybe it's all just wishful thinking - who knows?

What d'ya reckon? Is the pic actually Ol' Hutchers? Slightly concerned as to why his willy looks so much like the Sugarscape logo? Comments and general pervy thoughts on Twitter, PLZ.

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