Made in Chelsea's Spencer does a Nick Jonas and posts a shirtless selfie - pic

Oh Spencer Matthews, you little show off you. Just when we were about to miss the boat all together with your shirtless selfie thanks to your Made in Chelsea co-star and slightly silly pal Jamie Laing having a nekkid picture of him leaked on the Interweb - we had a little stalk of your Instagram to see what's going on in your posh ol' world.

And dear Lord, we were not prepared for what we saw. Apparently resident love rat Spenny's been getting a bit sick of being called 'chubby baker boy' - which is still our favourite Made in Chelsea insult of all time, which is a *huge* statement - because he decided to whip off his top and show the world just what he's got going on.

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Spencer Matthews

Image: Instagram

This is genuinely quite difficult for us to look at considering we're fools for any lad showing off his six pack - but this is SPENCER MATTHEWS. Aka the cheater of all cheats, the one that slept with some strange in his girlfriend's bed... THE ONE WHO 'SHOT HIMSELF IN THE DICK'? Metaphorically speaking, of course.

You can see why we're conflicted.

Honestly, we're just surprised Stephanie didn't get involved in this somehow to give us some terrifying couple's selfie sesh. Argh, we just made ourselves shiver.

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Spencer Matthews Stephanie Pratt

After much consideration, we think we'd much rather look Jamie's posh sausage in the eye for a whole 10 minutes over having to think for just one second that Spenny's gotten hot. So there.

But what do you reckon? Forgiven Spencer for his wicked ways thanks to this snap? Let us know...

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