One Direction's band, Josh Devine, Sandy Beales, Jon Shone and Dan Richards suit up for the This Is Us premiere - PICS

With One Direction shimmying (Leeroy style) and shassaying (well, that was just Louis), down the red carpet for the world premiere of This Is Us, we NEARLY forgot that we’d also be able to dribble on their well fit musical maestro band aswell.

Luckily, we quickly spotted Josh Devine all suited and booted, and had to ask our mum to make us a cuppa so we could calm down. FIT.

One Direction band

Drummer Josh was joined by guitarists Dan Richards and Sandy Beales, and the keyboard-meister Jon Shone to snap a few pictures with screaming Directioners.

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Oh, and actually watch the film with a bucket of popcorn and Niall’s hand on their knee. HURRAH.

Josh Devine

Check out Josh, with his suave un-done shirt and perfectly quiffed hair. We nearly started snogging our computer screen when we spotted him, but shoved some Doritos in our mouth instead to avoid the embarrassment.

Dan Richards One Direction

Dan was a) looking remarkably like Frodo Baggins, and b) looking remarkably fit in his super sharp suit complete with snazzy purple tie. All we want from life is to press our finger into his chin dimple. That’s all.

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Sandy Beales

And Sandy. Well, Sandy was more than ready for a giant Liam Payne to fill the room with his gorgeous 3D face and gentle brummy tones. We’re also very ready for it.

Anyone else love the 1D band as much as the 1D boys? HANDS UP.


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