Zayn Malik starts wedding work out to get in shape for his big day with Perrie Edwards

Just when you thought that Zayn Malik couldn’t get any hotter (and we’re not sure we could even handle it if he did), he’s only gone and kick started a mega fitness routine, to make sure he’s looking totally Greek god-like for his big day with Perrie Edwards.

Making sure he’ll be walking down the aisle with pecs from paradise and a six pack sent straight from heaven, Zayn has apparently been hitting the gym to get in perfect shape for his wedding day.

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The thought of him sweating, getting his quiff all floppy, and pouting into the gym mirrors is setting our hearts all aflutter. Phwoarrrr.

Zayn Malik

According to the manager of 1D’s personal trainer, all the One Direction boys have been put through their paces recently (we did notice, hello BICEPS), but no one has been working harder than the Bad Boi from Bradford.

Ramzy Khachnik told Yahoo omg that “At first, Zayn wasn’t interested, but now he’s engaged he wants to look his best.”

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“He can see how much the others’ bodies have changed, so he’s really got into it. There’s a big difference in his arms now. The fact that he’s happy and engaged has encouraged him to train and look better.”

Zayn and Perrie

Apparently, their trainer has been putting the lads through entire body work outs, including boxing, biometric explosive exercises (errr, you what mate?), and pad work, as well as keeping them on a strict high-protein diet.

Niall will be chuffed. ALL THE CHICKEN.

Well all this talk about exercise has left us exhausted. We'd better eat some more crisps and take it easy. Phew.

Reckon Zayn needs to work out for his wedding, or do you love him just the way he is?

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