Our newfound love of football was brought to a drastic end over the weekend as Louis Tomlinson was viciously attacked - or 'tackled' as the dangerous world of football would have you believe - during the Stiliyan Petrov Legends charity football match.

Before we even begin, let us state that this whole ordeal WAS VERY DRAMATIC AND NOT THE TINIEST BIT FUNNY OK? STOP GIGGLING. Now that that's out of the way, let's discuss Louis' tackle - not like that you pervs. It looked quite ruddy painful and caused the poor lad to puke up what we can online describe as slime. Actual slime.

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Louis Tomlinson's mum confirms he's 'fine' after suffering knee injury during charity football match - Louis Tomlinson images - sugarscape.com 

Now, we're sure we can all remember the last time Luigi had a bad knee and his One Direction bandmates gave a rousing rendition of More Than This and replaced all the lyrics with injured knee puns during the Take Me Home tour. It was a magical time.

But this was something different all together really and being the uneducated sports fans we are, we thought Louis might've lost his leg in the collision or something. So you can imagine how relieved we were to hear that el Tommo's A-OK from his lovely mum, who tweeted some fans about his condition.

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Replying to someone who asked how Luigi was doing, Jay said: "Thank you. Louis is resting his knee - he accepts that's what can happen in football. He is watching XF with El & Stan xx" - she also added a smiley face emoticon for some extra reassurance. PHEW.

Louis Tomlinson's mum confirms he's 'fine' after suffering knee induring during charity football match 

Well, now that we know Louis' alright and even watched some X Factor to make himself feel better (we were watching that too, we must be soulmates) we *guess* we can have a little chuckle about the whole thing. So just incase you were avoiding the video because you felt too guilty - WATCH IT RIGHT NOW.

It's that little gag he does when he's walking off the pitch that gets us every time - and we all know what happened after that. YOU RUDDY TROOPER YOU.

But what do you make of all this? Quite the dramatic day for the Tommo, wasn't it? Comments please...

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