Andy Samuels records first Keek video since balcony fire accident

It's been almost two weeks since Liam Payne's best friend Andy Samuels suffered burns to his body following a balcony fire at the One Direction star's flat, but it seems A-Samz is well and truly on the mend now thanks to his triumphant return to favourite social media site Keek.

Andy posted his first vid since the accident and mainly updated fans on his ever improving condition while driving through some lovely countryside (well, a place with some greenery at least) with his mum - SO CUTE.

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Andy Samuels records first Keek video after Liam Payne balcony fire accident - Andy Samuels images -

Narrating the clip but keeping his face out of it, Andy says that even though he's still in hospital at the moment, he was allowed to leave for a few hours on doctors orders and said that he was headed to girlfriend Daisy's house for dinner. OUR HEARTS.

He also said he's able to 'put clothes on and walk a bit' which is amazing, although we're sure we could've lived with him just remaining shirtless until the end of time, too.

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Although he gave us a quick peak of his lovely mum in the clip, it feels quite eery to hear him but not see him - it's a little Great Gatsby-ish. We like it.

Andy Samuels record first keek video since balcony fire accident - Andy Samuels images -

A-Samz thanked fans *again* for all their support and also promised that he'd be getting back to his Keeking best - so hopefully that means he's almost back to feeling 100%. Hooray.

As always, we're sending all our well wishes to Andy and his family, and hope he's back to home and normality really soon. He's made quite the speedy recovery, hasn't he? Couldn't expect much less from the Invincible Man we guess...

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