Liam Payne speaks out about girlfriend Sophia Smith's abuse on Twitter

We're not sure what's happened to transform Captain Sensible Liam Payne into the extra buff, mega sassy and all together even more fanciable lad he is - but all we know is that WE LOVE IT.

And now the Paynis has decided to be direct with some fans on Twitter, telling them just exactly how he feels about seeing some pretty mean comments to girlfriend Sophia Smith online. You tell 'em Payno.

Liam Payne speaks out over Sophia Smith girlfriend abuse - Liam Payne images -

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Liam's had quite the turbulent relationship with Twitter recently, having worried fans he was a bit fed up of some of the nastier tweets he was coming across, INFAMOUSLY posting '#done' and sending girls worldwide into a bit of an apologising frenzy. Well, it worked anyway. 

But now Payno's chatted directly (and by that we mean through their mentions bar) to fans and let them know just how protective he is of his new girlfriend - so much that he actually searches for the bad things people say about her, a la Harry Styles' Red or Black cry fest. GAH.

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Asked if he looks out any negative Sophia comments through Twitter, Liam replied: "This is true I do it lots cus I worry she might read it... in the end she's just a girl like u sat reading twitter on her phone" [sic]. Oh our hearts. 

Liam Payne speaks out over Sophia Smith girlfriend abuse - Liam Payne images - 

He added to someone else: "She doesn't deserve to sit and read all that who does?". But it seems the Paynis wasn't too angry about the whole thing, telling a fan who worried Liam was annoyed: "Don't worry people can say what they like I couldn't give a rats ass about it anymore".

OH LIAM. That Sophia's a lucky one, isn't she? But what do you make of this? Glad Liam stuck up for his lady or what? Comments please...

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