Harry Styles lonely while on tour with One Direction?: 'He suffers from terrible homesickness'

There’s nothing in the world that can make us sadder than the thought of a One Direction cherub looking glum. We don’t worry too much about four of them, because Zayn’s got Perrie, Liam’s got his sudoku books, Niall’s got his chicken legs, and Louis’ got Kevin the pigeon to see them through the tricky times.

But when it comes to Harry Styles we can't help but fret a bit. We just want to snuggle him up in a big fluffy blanket and stroke his hair, because apparently he’s really struggling with loneliness while touring with 1D these days. Our hearts are BROKEN.

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Harry Styles

Heat magazine are reporting that Harry is finding touring a pretty lonely experience, and isn’t really a fan of spending months away from Foxy Coxy, Gemz and Grimmy while he’s on the other side of the world.

''He suffers from terrible homesickness and exhaustion towards the end of a tour”, a source told the mag, simultaneously making us collapse into balls of emotion.

But while we’d probably dive first into a litre of ice cream and Skype our mum in hysterical tears, Harry’s being a total lad about things and taking his mind off the loneliness by channelling it into exercise and making himself even fitter (if that’s humanly possible).

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''He often wakes his personal trainer Mark in the middle of the night because he's so lonely that he'd prefer them to work out together than be on his own”, the source revealed.

Harry Styles

It’s no secret that Hazza prefers his own company when the band have a bit of time off, as he’s always spotted out and about doing his own thang, but according to Bang Showbiz he’s planning on flying out his Dad Des, and sister Gemma soon, to have a couple of familiar faces around, as the source explained ''He wants people to chill with away from the band.''

Well now we just want to march to New Zealed armed with chocolatey biscuits and thousands of cups of tea to cheer him up. Poor little lamb, go and find Niall for a snuggle until we arrive.

What do you think of the news that Harry’s apparently getting lonely on tour?

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