McFly's Harry Judd and wife Izzy unveil their romantic first dance wedding video, and make us weep with joy - WATCH

Every time a McFly lad releases a wedding video, a tiny part of us dies inside because we realise we’re rapidly running out of potential McHusbands. The other 95% of us squeals with delight, because we know that it's probably going to be the most lovely wedding we’ve ever seen.

Most recently, Harry Judd, drumming extraordinaire with strapping guns and a bum we want to bite, unveiled his wedding video to show off his spectacular first dance with his beautiful new wife, Izzy. And good grief, it’s the most emotional and glorious thing we’ve seen since the lads all got naked on the Wonderland tour.

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Harry and Izzy Judd

Obviously (she's out....nah okay we won't do it), Harry had a bit to live up to after Tom Fletcher turned the entire world into blubbering wrecks with his McFly-themed wedding speech. But el Judd definitely didn’t disappoint, as he used his cracking dance skills to perform a lovely routine with Izzy.

For anyone who’s somehow forgotten the sight of Harry in a spangly waistcoat and tight trousers, he bagged the title of the 2011 Strictly Come Dancing champ, and jumped back to his Strictly roots for his big day by having the Strictly announcer record an intro for the newly weds to introduce them.

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Harry Judd

Harry and Izzy did their thang with an American Smooth to Michael Buble’s version of Can’t Help Falling In Love. It’s literally like watching a Disney film come to life, except Harry’s even fitter than Price Eric, and Izzy’s even more perfect than Belle.

Hizzy (excellent name smush) had already teased their special dance in an interview with Hello mag, as Izzy revealed "The night before the wedding I didn't sleep because I was going through the steps in my head."

harry and izzy judd

You can watch the dance in the vid below, but have some tissues at hand, and try not to dump your boyfriend immediately afterwards when you realise that he’s CRAP compared to McFly.

Time to go and listen to All About You and have a small weep. What did you think of that then? HOW LOVELY?

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