Frankie Jonas on the Jonas Brothers' 'split' drama: 'I'm out of the loop'

If you feel a bit confused, perplexed and left out of this whole Jonas Brothers 'have they/haven't they split up?' scenario that's occuring at the moment, just think how poor Frankie Jonas must feel. After a cancelled tour, a deleted Twitter account and - to be quite honest - a severe lack of shirtless selfies to convey the sadness of it all, Bonus Jonas doesn't have a bloody clue what's going on.

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But now, in an EXCLUSIVE chat, Frankie's spoken out on the rift that tore the band apart, all the behind closed doors drama and just how many hours Nick spends in the gym to look like *that*.

Sort of.

Frankie Jonas on Jonas Brother split drama - Jonas Brothers images -

When we asked Frankie what the dealio with his brothers was, he repsonded: "I'm really out of the loop. Even if I was I probably wouldn't be allowed to talk about it."

So basically he's not out of the loop at all and just isn't allowed to talk about it.

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Jonas Brothers - Jonas Brothers images -

What do you think? Are we any closer to a conclusion? What *is* actually going on in camp JoBros? Comments and conspiracy theories, please.

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