Niall Horan reveals One Direction probably won't be performing in their seventies: "I've got dodgy knees"

Whenever we think about One Direction - which is about 23 hours of the day, no biggie - we can't help but wonder when exactly they'll want to pack in their crotch thrusts and musical innuendos for good. Something NO-ONE wants to know.

Well, it seems Niall Horan is someone who doesn't reckon 1D will be doing a Paul McCartney, Bruce Springsteen or even a Jon Bon Jovi, because he thinks him and the lads might have some trouble with their bodies once they start getting on - and he's not even talking about the others realising their tattoos are permanent.

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Niall Horan reckons One Direction won't be performing in their 70s - One Direction images -

Nialler's apparently been doubting him and the boys', ahem, stamina in the long term of their musical world domination and even though we think they could perform concerts from wheelchairs and still look fit in the year 2063, he doesn't seem to agree yet.

When asked if he thinks One Direction could be rocking out in their seventies, Niall supposedly revealed to The Sun: "[Mick] Jagger does it but I don't think at the moment I'd be able to. I've got dodgy knees.'' That's right ladies and gentlemen, at the ripe old age of 20, Niall Horan *already* has some creaky joints going on. Impressive.

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Still, if he cut out the daily Nandos and whatever knee related activities he's been getting involved in (WE'RE NOT SAYING ANYTHING), we reckon he could be turning girls to mush with his guitar strumming for another 60 years.

Niall Horan reckons One Direction wont be performing in their 70s - One Direction images -

To be honest, any sort of chat about 1D packing in their raggy headbands and quiffs for good has us sobbing into our sandwiches, so for now let's just concentrate on their beautiful youthful faces at Judges Houses, alright? The good old days.

But what do you make of Niall's comments? Do you think One Direction could be performing Kiss You when they're pensioners? Comments please...

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