Harry Styles: 'Louis Tomlinson is the vainest member of One Direction'

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You may need to take a seat and reasses everything you thought was true and real in the world as Harry Styles has revealed an extremely alarming piece of information about One Direction. A piece of news that will rock the very foundations of the world in which we live.

Oh alright, maybe not quite, but he has revealed that actually, Louis Tomlinson is much vainer than pout extraordinaire, Zayn Malik.

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*Cue dramatic mood music*

Larry Stylinson

If you'd always thought the reason the Bradford Bad Boi is so late for everything has a little to do with him spending two hours every morning arranging his hair into a quiff erect enough to knock down a town house, it turns out you might be wrong. Or at least that even if he does, there is a certain member of 1D who spends even longer admiring his sassy little face before leaving the house.

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Clearly feeling emotionally scarred by how late they always are for everything, band member Harold Styles has decided to speak out and reveal just who has trouble tearing themselves away from their own reflection in the morning.

"Louis [is the most vain]," he told Top of The Pops Magazine, who appear to have forgotten to black out his identity so he doesn't get a shed load of sass when he gets home tonight.

"Before we go on stage, he looks into every reflective surface, fixing his hair,” he added. “I have never seen anyone use so much hairspray."

Well, let's just say it's worth it. FOUR FOR YOU TOMMO.

What do you make of this revelation?

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