Zayn Malik reveals new 'space monkey' tattoo in Sydney - Pics

So you know how Harry Styles has apparently joined the likes of Justin Bieber and Brad Pitt and signed up for this whole Virgin Galactic space voyage thingamajig? Well it seems his One Direction boyband buddy prefers to keep things closer to home, 'cause he's only gone and got a 'space monkey' tattooed on his bulging bloody bicep. Perrie's probably making him save up for the wedding, innit?

Yep - the 1D tattoo club now has *another* new addition, and this time it's a monkey in a space helmet. Or something. Whatever it is, it's sitting right next to Perrie Etchwards and he's been showing it off in Sydney.

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Zayn Malik space monkey tattoo - Zayn Malik images -

Images: Twitter

YES, we know the pictures quite small - but apparently in the 21st century this is the best we can get. It's all just a bit weird, if you ask us. this a photo from the future? Did the Bradford Bad Boi get his tatt done at Bondi Ink in 2026, as his t-shirt suggests? Are space monkeys gonna be a thing in 2026? Can Zayn Malik predict the future like a fitter, slightly less terrifying Mystic Meg? SO MANY QUESTIONS.

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Anyway, apparently loads of clever people on that there Twitter have done their research and come to the conclusion it's something like this.

Zayn Malik space monkey tattoo - Zayn Malik images -

Image: Twitter


What d'ya make of Zayn's new McDoodle? Do you want a pet space monkey thing? Comments please.

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