Zayn Malik reveals how he proposed to Perrie Edwards, and it's beyond adorable - LISTEN

Zayn Malik and Perrie Edwards have basically got a relationship straight outta a Disney movie, havent they? Zayn’s like the tall, dark and handsome prince who wears leather jackets and has a flawless quiff, and Perrie’s like the beautiful blonde princess who can pull of purple lipstick like no other, sings like a fairy, and we're pretty sure little songbirds come and do her hair in the morning.

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The Zerrie engagement is the stuff of fairytales, and it turns out that El Maliko's proposal was just as perfect too, as Zayn revealed exactly how he popped the question in One Direction’s Q&A sesh during a soundcheck in Sydney last week. We've been waiting for this moment for all our lives.

Zayn and Perrie

Asked by a fan if he wouldn’t mind spilling the goss and letting us all in on their special moment, Zayn was more than happy to reveal all the details about his proposal, and he sounds so happy and shy when he explains that it’s making our hearts do a fireworks display.

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Zayn revealed a few of the details to the Directioners in the audience: “We were? watching a film in the back garden and her mum was there, my mum was there... Erm, my two best mates were there which was quite sick... And that's it, and she said yeah which is quite sick!"

Yep, okay, we're about to pass out from cuteness. How adorable is that, eh? A proper intimate and old-school family proposal. Okay, so it was like a Disney film until he called his romantic and adorable engagement to a beautiful woman ‘quite sick’, but he IS the Bradbord Bad Boi, what did y'all expect?

Perrie Edwards

Listen to Zayn spill all the details about his proposal to Perrie in the vid below, but be prepared for ALL THE FEELS:

What do you think about Zayn’s style of proposing? Is it everything you ever dreamed of? Are you excited about the Zerrie wedding?

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