The Vamps wear animal onesies to turn on the Christmas lights at Sheffield's Meadowhall - PICS

If anything’s gonna put us in a good mood, it’s mixing a bit of Christmas spirit, some very fluffy animal onesies, and one of our absolute favourite bands. So you can imagine how flippin’ happy we are this morning after finding out that The Vamps wore some very cute outfits last night for their Crimbo performance in Sheffield.

Connor, James, Brad and Tristan headed over to Meadhowhall in Sheff for a good old fashioned Christmas lights switch on, as well as a cheeky little performance in some very fluffy onesies. Check out Brad getting his beak out for the ladies. WIT WOO.

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The Vamps

Like we needed anything else to make us want to cuddle up to them and stroke their bodies, the lads kept out the cold in four super cute onsies, with Tristan dressing as a tiger (He can be king of OUR jungle any day), Brad as a penguin (he can waddle our way whenever he fancies), Connor as a mouse (he can have a nibble on our biscuit), and James as some kind of moosey deer, which we can’t think of a cringeworthy pun for. Soz.

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The fluffy suits helped the lads light up 875,283 LED bulbs, 3,600 crystal icicles, 9228m of crystal garland and 8kg of glitter to get us all in the festive spirit.

We’re more in the snogging spirit tbh.

The Vamps

Tristan gave us a lovely close up of his very fetching orange and black all in one, plus a behind the scenes shot of the huge crowds who turned up, so if you fancy checking that out you can hit the play button...

Are you a big fan of The Vamps dressing as adorable fluffy animals? How much do you want to snuggle them right now?

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