Tom Daley holds himself (in photo form) at his 2014 calendar launch - PICS

What could possibly be better than googling photos of Tom Daley in his teeny tiny swimming trunks? Pfft, easy - waking up to his beautiful face EVERY SINGLE DAY. Not in actual human form sadly, that’s still a dream to us. No, we’re talking about in hi-res calendar form, which Tom launched and signed copies of in HMV Oxford Circus yesterday.

Tom Daley holds Tom Daley in photographic form at HMV Oxford Circus calendar signing - Images -

Just incase that wasn’t enough for you greedy lot, we got completely over mildly excited when we heard rumours that two Tommy’s were in da house, only to realize that the whispers stemmed merely from Tom just holding himself. *Giggles and snorts*.

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Steady on, you PERVS – he was holding himself in PHOTOGRAPHIC form. Slightly disappointing, we know.

Even more disappointing was that Tommy D didn’t rock up in tiny budgie smugglers for said signing, instead opting for a rather casual grey, yellow and black jumper and simple jeans. Still, his face is pretty so we’ll forgive him JUST THIS ONCE.

Tom Daley holds Tom Daley in photographic form at HMV Oxford Circus calendar signing - Images -

We’ve put our order in for enough calendars to cover every wall of the office (we’re guessing about 50, roughly. Any spares will be donated accordingly. Ahem). If it’s not filled to the brim of topless Tom, his six-pack and his little swimming trunks, we’ll be writing in to get our money back.

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Will you be buying a copy of Tom’s calendar? Is there such things as too many Tom’s or are you just excited for a Daley perv? Let us know below please and thank you.

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