Harry Styles reveals One Direction won't be creating a clothing line any time soon

You’d think with all that hanging around on the front rows of different London Fashion Week shows, Harry Styles might have been inspired enough by Burberry or Henry Holland to draw up a few designs of his own with that creative mind of his.

While we quite fancy being able to dress up as Louis Tomlinson on a Monday (ankle flashers, striped tee and braces), Niall Horan on a Wednesday (snapback and a chicken-smeared vest) and Liam Payne on a Sunday (dressing gown, fluffy slippers and a pair of red boxers), Harry has spoken out to say that a One Direction clothing line sadly isn’t in the pipeline. YET.

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Harry Styles

Chatting about his fashion week experiences, Harry admitted that a bit of catwalk viewing is something he really enjoys, particularly that of Henry Holland: “The clothes and colours are fun. He does cool things”, Haz explained to Glamour magazine.

“I don’t really experiment with clothes, so it’s always good to see other people do it”, he added. Ehh, why mess with the winning, beautiful formula of white tee, skinny ripped jeans, and THOSE RUDDY BOOTS?

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Harry added that despite his fashion sense becoming pretty recognisable these days, and even bagging him an EMA for Best Style this year, he’s still not used to being considered a ‘fashion icon’ and inspiration for fashwan folks everywhere.

“It’s strange to wear a tshirt and two days later see a lot of other people wearing it”, he joked to the mag.

Harry Styles

But when quizzed about whether the One Direction boys would be adding ‘fashionista’ to their endless list of career quests, Harry burst our bubble a bit as he replied: “Not that I can see! We have tshirts if that counts?”

OH BUT WE ALREADY HAVE THEM HARRY. Not to mention the onesies, the personalised backpack and the socks that our nan knitted us with each of your heads on the toes.

Would you like to see the One Direction boys design a clothing line? What sort of stuff do you reckon they’d include in it?

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